Field Trip…A Writing About Our Day


By Langford 2nd Grade


          On April 20th, the K-6 grades went on a field trip to Sioux Falls.  Everyone brought a bag of things they could do on the bus.  We stopped at the Watertown High School to use the bathrooms.  After that we drove to the Pavilion in Sioux Falls. 


         Then we had lunch.  We had milk, carrots, chips, cookies, and a ham and cheese sandwich. 


          After lunch we toured the Washington Pavilion.  The Cine Dome movie was about Shakelton’s Arctic adventure.  We saw art from a guy that made all kinds of colorful wacky paths in his art.  We also did science experiments.  We also learned about how much sugar was in pop.  We made our own pop too. 

On the way home we ate at Tons of Fun in Watertown.  We won tickets so we could buy stuff.  The bus ride home was so fun.  We saw lightning.  It looked like it was daytime when it happened.